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Ultra IV is Florida’s premier vitamin infusion therapy service providing customized IV drips, delivered by our trained, registered nurses. We offer both mobile in-home and office visits – our aim is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, providing you with the most efficient treatments for the best results!

Our IV treatments take approximately 30-45 minutes and contain essential fluids, nutrients, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants to treat a number of conditions. Get instant relief from dehydration, fatigue, hangovers, cold and flu, jet lag and much more. We also provide several membership plans to optimize your health and wellness while saving money with package discounts. Book online or call us directly to book your IV session today!

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Our customer support is always here to help, 24/7. Please browse through our FAQs, send us an email (24/7) or call us (during normal business hours).

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Order on-demand mobile IV treatment services when needed. Simple, fast and easy process that can be done on the web, our mobile apps or by calling us. Date/times availability will vary per location.

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Choose from a variety of monthly plans and packages. Get a discount with our memberships and secure future dates and times with exclusivity. We have plans of all sizes to fit your needs.

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