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Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)is an alternative form of the vitamin B3. NAD levels naturally decline with age. As we get older, NAD can diminish and can lead to chronic fatigue, a weakened immune system, memory problems, depression, and poor concentration.

You can combat these symptoms by increasing your overall NAD levels. NAD Therapy or NAD+ infusions are used to improve immune function, boost cellular repair, reduce inflammation, increase physical performance, improve memory, increase energy, vitality, and much more. In addition, NAD can help rebalance your brain and revitalize your body.

We offer a variety of in-home IV treatments:

Hydration RX, which can help you hydrate and combat fatigue. Power RX, which makes you feel energized and boosts your metabolism.

Revive RX, which is designed to alleviate hangover symptoms. Immunity RX is used to help strengthen your immune system and help you feel better after you get sick.

Glow RX, for those who want to improve hair, skin, and nails.

Finally, Brilliant RX can help to improve your overall brain function.

Effective NAD Parches & In-Home IV Therapy in Hialeah

We provide in-home IV therapy and NAD Patch service for the city of Hialeah & surrounding areas. Ultra IV is South Florida’s premium IV therapy clinic, combining together convenience, affordability, and technology.

Our nurses are professionally trained and licensed in the state of Hialeah to ensure comfort and a great experience during your IV application. You can book a one-time treatment or sign up for one of our memberships.



Our IV treatment helps to maintain vitamin, hydration and nutrient levels

No-Hassle Bookings

Easy online booking, we deliver IV therapy directly to you

Immediate Results

Administered directly into your bloodstream to give you instant relief

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Custom Infusions

Customized therapy treatments to address common personal goals

Fast Absorption

Higher absorption rate of vitamins & minerals Vs. orally administered vitamins

Easy & Convenient

Fast, effective on-demand relief from the comfort of your home

One Time Order

Order on-demand mobile IV treatment services when needed. Simple, fast and easy process that can be done on the web, our mobile apps or by calling us. Date/times availability will vary per location.

Monthly Treatments

Choose from a variety of monthly plans and packages. Get a discount with our memberships and secure future dates and times with exclusivity. We have plans of all sizes to fit your needs.

Save on a monthly membership

Achieve your optimal health & well-being when you sign up for one our Monthly Memberships which gives you a discount for ongoing treatments. Along with maintaining a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise, our IV therapy treatments are most beneficial when they are done on a consistent basis, allowing you to transform your health, mental wellbeing, and longevity. Prioritize your health, and make IV therapy a habit!

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Our nurses come directly to you. At home, in your hotel room, or job site, we strive to make the experience as convenient and comfortable as possible!

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Vitamin Therapy and IV Hydration in Hialeah, FL