IV Therapy – Reducing the Effects of Injuries

IV Therapy is a treatment used by athletes who are training and provide quick re-hydration, muscle recovery, replenishing electrolytes and restoring vitamins and fluids. The IV fluids are delivered directly into your bloodstream, fueling faster recovery and heightened athletic performance. IV treatment can be used for not only serious athletes, but anyone who push themselves during workout sessions or intense athletic events.

There are many benefits of IV therapy for muscle recovery. This method of re-hydrating muscles after exercise is not only faster but also allows for greater nutrient absorption. Traditional IV’s bypass the small intestine allowing for greater nutrient absorption at a faster rate than traditional oral intake. All the nutrients from the drip pass directly into the blood stream.

Athletes have the ability to recover more quickly between exercise and prevent injuries that occur from over-training. The faster nutrient absorption promotes a more complete recovery, allowing for improved endurance, promoting efficient energy consumption, increased support for muscle growth and repair and more.

IV therapy is becoming more and more popular as an alternative health method for recovery of athletes following any type of athletic activity, given that it is the fastest way to give your body the nutrition and nutrients it needs. It is very beneficial for athletes recovering from sports-related injuries because it allows them to maintain their peak performance level without risking further injury. Performance can be improved when used in combination with cardiovascular exercise, proper diet, and adequate sleep for the best results.

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